CRESIO The entire crypto ecosystem in a single platform

Access to the exchanges and DEFI platforms, from an intuitive and secure environment with multiple advanced trading tools.

You can now purchase XCRE

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Multiexchange & DEFI

Operates on multiple exchanges and DEFI platformsfrom the same graphical environment

An intuitive platform that allows an agile experience and control, you can get information about the status of all markets where you trade in real time and trade simultaneously on multiple exchanges and DEFI platforms.

  • Semi-automatic operations program your buy/sell/stop orders
  • Programmable alerts create alerts and schedule their execution.
  • DEFI integration takes advantage of the platform tools in DEFI, stoploss, swap, add/remove liquidity, buy & sell orders, among other functions.
  • Global trade history and export view or export all your trades in an organized way.
  • And many more functions consult our whitepaper to know the rest of the functions.


Some where you can operate through Cresio

pancake swap


Main funtions

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Due to the constant proliferation of new tokens and crypto-currencies, it is complicated for an exchange to cover all projects. From CRESIO we want to bring a greater simplicity to the operation, offering the user, by a simple click between the exchanges available on the platform, offer the possibility to access their different positions.

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In a market as extensive as the current one, signals are considered of valuable importance, since they condition numerous operations, making decisions and the degree of attention difficult in most cases. For this reason we have designed different types of signals.

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Financial reports

Visualization of graphs and creation of individual and/or global histories being able to filter and compare between the executed operations with the possibility of exporting it in a personalized way.

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Programmable alerts

The alert section is of great importance, since you can create alerts in a personalized way with the previously detailed signals. Alerts will also be received notifying the inclusion of new updates to the platform, operations executed, when a crypto-currency is added to an exchange and other relevant signals. Likewise, new alerts will be added to adapt to the needs of the users.

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Market information and arbitration

To consult globally in a detailed way and in real time the information referring to each crypto-currency in the different exchanges, receiving relevant information about the volume, price history and available pairs among others, all this in a fast and precise way, speeding up the arbitration operations between exchanges.

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Programmable operations

We have a high number of tools to execute trading operations, unifying basic operations of buying, selling and stop-loss, or scalping operations. In this way, it offers greater simplicity and speed with respect to changes between operations and prices witha simple click, programming of automated orders for the future of continuous purchase and sale, including the possibility of programming orders with objectives, static and dynamic stop-loss, thus achieving to accompany increases in digital assets automatically or manually.


Choose your plan

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Cresio NFTs

Unique items

for XCRE holders

The NFT will be distributed in 2 ways, by raffle among all Cresio holders and by bidding in our marketplace.

To participate in the draw for a Cresio NFT Card, you must be registered in the Cresio NFT holder system in the user control panel and have at least a percentage of the XCRE received on 20 December in your wallet.

Requirements for acquiring a Cresio NFT card on the marketplace:

You only need to have enough XCRE to bid on the marketplace.
*tokens used to pay for the card will be burned.
Requirements to activate a Cresio NFT Card:
You must contain in the wallet where the NFT is sent a minimum of:
3000 XCRE for the BRONZE type
15000 XCRE for the SILVER type
60000 XCRE for the type GOLD
30000 XCRE for the type STAKE
You must be registered in at least one of Cresio’s stake systems.
STAKE 12% or STAKE+LP 18%
STAKE Shares
Of the fees Cresio charges for the platform, 50% will go to Cresio holders as follows:
40% share for the holders. Of the 40% (30% stake and 70% for stake+LP)
Holders holding a NFT +5%.
Token burn 5%
Cartas Web
Units available: 1 for raffle and 3 for Marketplace (Burn) – 1 reserved
Free lifetime access to the platform. (Premium Fee)
Dividends on the proceeds of the pay-per-use of the platform.
Price by bidding starting price 12000 XCRE
The XCRE obtained by bidding on the card will be burned.
Avatar for copytrader on multiexchange
Units available: 1 for raffle and 9 for Marketplace (Burn)
50% discount on the platform access fee for life.
Dividends on platform usage fee collection.
Price by bidding starting price 6000 XCREs
XCRE obtained by bidding on the card will be burned.
Avatar for copytrader on multiexchange
Units available: 1 for raffle and 9 for Marketplace (Burn)
15% discount on the lifetime platform access fee.
Dividends on platform usage fee collection.
Price by bidding starting price 3000 XCREs
XCRE obtained by bidding on the card will be burned.
Avatar for copytrader in multiexchange
Stake holder
NFT STAKE Card (Non-cumulative card)
Units available: 1 animated genesis card and 200 cards for the first 200 users who complete the STAKE 12% or STAKE+LP 18%.
Each card is unique and numbered.
Features: Earn dividends on the collection of payment for use of the platform.
Avatar for copytrader on multiexchange Possibility to test the new tools of the platform before their official release.

** Abandoning the stake will cancel the possibility of getting the card.
** Minimum STAKE of 3000 XCRE


Total control

from your CRESIO account

Access to the control panel is FREE and you can see your Xcre balance among other functions.

Access to the referral program
Access to the management of the XCRE token
Access to the WalletHold staking system
Access to technical support
Panel móvil


Token XCRE

  • Token name:Cresio
  • Ticker Symbol:XCRE
  • Total supply:40.000.000 XCRE
  • Total current suply:38.150.959 XCRE
  • Contract:0xfa3c05c2023918a4324fde7163591fe6bebd1692
  • DEX & CEXJamonSwap - Uniswap - Coinsbit
General description

XCRE is a utility token that has been launched on the MATIC (Polygon) network and will fully comply with the ERC20 standard. The support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.) and provides easy integration.


The only payment method accepted to use the platform is via the XCRE token.

With XCRE you will also be able to staking thanks to Cresio's Wallethold system getting an annual 12% of your tokens in stake and 18% of your tokens in Stake + LP (First year).You will receive 1% per month on the stake of (12%) and 1.5% on the stake+lp (18%) which you can reinvest or withdraw to your wallet each month.

(From the second year onwards)
50% of the platform access fees for Cresio
40% of the platform access fees will be shared between all users who are in walletHold
5% of the fees will be shared between all holders of a *CRESIO NFT card
5% of the platform access fees will be burned.

* CRESIO NFT cards:
NFT Gold
NFT Silver
NFT Bronze


XCRE token distribution

XCRE token distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 40.000.000

  • 51% LP sales contract
  • 20% ILO Pre-sale (BURN)
  • 12% Wallethold APY (first year)
  • 8% Swap CRES/XCRE (BURN)
  • 6% Cresio Team
  • 2% D-REIT 1% Farming contract
  • 1% Exchange

Pre-sale tokens that are not sold as well as swap tokens that are not exchanged will be burnt.


What is WalletHold?

WaletHold is the Cresio Stake system for which you will receive:


STAKE = a fixed annual 12% of your stake tokens.

The duration of the stake is 12 months and is rewarded with 1% per month.
The stake will be automatically blocked for 12 months and if you decide to leave before the 12 months are up, you will be penalised and the percentage equivalent to the remaining months of the stake will be SUBTRACTED from your stake tokens.

The penalties are 1% and are distributed among the users who have tokens in stake.

STAKE + LP a fixed 18% per year of your tokens in stake LP. (First year)


After the STAKE of the first year: From the fees charged by cresio for the platform 40% will be distributed among the holders as follows:
Of the 40% to be distributed, 30% is allocated to Holders in Stake and 70% to Holders in Stake who have LP.

The duration of the stake is 12 months and is rewarded with 1% per month.
The stake will be automatically blocked for 12 months and if you decide to leave before the end of the 12 months, you will be penalised and the percentage equivalent to the remaining months of the stake will be SUBTRACTED from the tokens in stake.

Penalties are 0.66% and are distributed among users who have tokens in stake.


You can also add liquidity to the liquidity pool in uniswap and get 0.3% for each movement in the pool.


Road Map

Q3 - 2021

Update of the user management panel. Negotiation and agreements with D-Reit for ILO launch and update of terms and conditions.

Q4 - 2021

Opening of the telegram channel for the management of the ILO. Opening of the whaitlist for the pre-sale of the XCRE token, launch of the new Cresio website. Presentation of the new features of Wallethold, launch of the new user management panel and launch of the pre-sale (ILO) of the XCRE token on the MATIC (Polygon) network. Completion of the pre-sale (ILO) and reached the sofcap creation of the MATIC/XCRE liquidity pool in JamónSwap.

Q1 - 2022

Activation of the whallethold system (stake XCRE) NFT raffles Start of the first phase of the marketing campaign for the Cresio project (SEO review and attracting new investors). Liquidity pool in uniswap Activation of the CRES/XCRE swap module for the exchange of CRES tokens for XCRE. Update of the multi-CEX&DEX code for the launch of the BETA. Creation of a blog with explanations of the platform's features and video tutorials. Activation of signals for STAKE holders

Q2 - 2022

Second phase of the Cresio project marketing campaign. Launch of the Cresio Ambassador programme. Launch of the Marketplace. Cresio NFT lottery system. Launch of Cresio collectible game. Launch of social networks and website of the international P2P exchange platform for sending remittances. Delivery of XCRE tokens to SWAP users with vesting. Launch of the Beta version of the multi-exchange for Cresio Stake holders (limited places).

Q3 - 2022

Third phase of the marketing campaign and launch of multiexchange V. BETA For all users. Connection of multiexchange with P2P platform and remittance.

Q4 - 2022

Fourth phase of the marketing campaign and launch of the multiexchange V 1.0

Q1 - 2023

Fifth phase of the marketing campaign for the promotion of the Cresio platform. Update and improvements to the multiexchange V2.0 platform, integration of the Cresio platform into the D-Reit project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cresio is a platform that mainly offers the possibility of operating simultaneously on multiple exchanges, both centralised and decentralised and from the same graphical environment, providing you with multiple signals so that you can operate in the most efficient way possible, as well as providing information on the state of the markets in real time, controlling the balance of your different portfolios, among other functions. Likewise, Cresio is born together with the creation of a token (ERC20) with several outstanding features,  such as the possibility of making payment for the use of the platform or receiving passive income, thus making it a utility token.

In 2021 the biggest challenge for Cresio has been to adapt the platform to the new decentralised platforms such as Pancakeswap and uniswap among others, being able to create buy and sell orders to trade on them with the rest of the platform’s tools and from our graphical environment.

YES, there is a free fee for the use of the platform with reduced functions.There are also 3 monthly payment plans, Basic Plan ($10) on XCRE tokens, Standard Plan ($15) on XCRE tokens, and Premium Plan ($20) on XCRE tokensThe payment of the fees will be made exclusively with the platform token (XCRE)Cresio does not charge any percentage of the profits, neither in terms of opening or closing operations, offering the user at all times total access without restrictions in each of the plans.

Yes, you can purchase XCRE tokens with the following cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH, LTC and USDT.

No, Cresio does not manage or administer user funds. The platform only acts as a bridge between the user and their exchanges through the corresponding APIs, so the funds of each user willbe deposited in the exchanges or in the case of decentralized exchanges in the user’s own wallet.Your XCRE tokens can only be stored on the platform if you have chosen the platform as your wallet.

An API is a formal specification on how one module of a software communicates or interacts with another.In our case they are the codes used by the exchanges so that each user can access their platform through a third party where we use a point to point encryption through ssl certificates.By entering that code in our platform you will be connected to the exchange and in this way you will be able to trade in it through Cresio.

No, the only way to get XCRE is to buy them on our platform or on any of the exchanges on which they are listed.You will also get XCRE with the Wallethold system where you will receive a monthly reward.

The liquidity pool is to provide liquidity to the XCRE token in the JamónSwap ecosystem without the need for intermediaries, with decentralisation and security as a priority. With our liquidity pool we enable the exchange of MATIC/XCRE tokens without intermediaries, quickly and efficiently.

By participating in the liquidity pool you become a liquidity provider. Liquidity Providers (LP) are those users who decide to contribute liquidity to the pool by depositing MATIC and XCRE tokens in the reserves of a liquidity fund or MATIC/XCRE pool, managed by a smart contract. For doing so, they receive LP and are placed in Stake. As a reward you receive a fixed 18% per year of your tokens in stake LP. (First year)
After the STAKE of the first year: Of the fees that Cresio charges for the platform, 40% will be distributed among the holders in the following way:
Of the 40% to be distributed, 30% is allocated to Holders in Stake and 70% to Holders in Stake who have LP.

For this reason, if you have XCRE, it is highly recommended that you contribute liquidity to the pool and benefit from this reward.
Remember that thanks to Cresio’s WalletHold system, you can also earn 8% per year on your stake tokens (the first year).




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Legal Advice

The lawfirm specialized in computer law: fintech, ICOs, Blockchain, private international law, data protection and ecommerce. They advise CRESIO on the legality of the Platform and the configuration of the ICO. They were our communication channel with the Spanish supervisory authority. Great knowledge on legal issues, technology and crypto-monetary ecosystem.

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Airdrop Alert
The largest Airdrops platform since 2017 launched in June 2017 to raise awareness about the existence of Airdrops, believing that people are unaware of the concept of Airdrops and how to claim it. We started an info page to find out when and where to perform Airdrops. Due to the rapid growth of airdrops and users, our team expanded from 3 to 15.

Crypto Digital Group

All information about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, ICOs and Technical Analysis.


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