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Enter the world of NFTs easily on an intuitive platform, where you can buy an NFT, participate in auctions, participate in weekly raffles where your ticket will be a collectible NFT and even publish your artworks and turn them into an NFT. Create your own NFT file gallery and show the world your artwork.

Start creating or browse the marketplace for your favourite NFT or enter our raffles.

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NFT Winner

Raffle 12 May 2022

The collection and distribution of prizes was as follows

54 tickets sold 1080XCRE
65% for the first prize 702XCRE - (nº27 pot)
10% for the second prize 108XCRE (nº64 Jackpot)
10% for the third prize 108XCRE (nº13)
2% Jackpot for monthly draw 22 XCRE
Accumulated monthly pot 22 XCRE
Jackpot for next Raffle 932 XCRE
loteria 5 mayook

Marketplace's raffles

  • Participation in the raffles of the marketplace is exclusively for people over 18 years of age
  • To buy a participation ticket you need to have XCRE in your wallet.
  • The draw will take place every week live on our twitch channel at 20:00UTC using the platform to draw the winning number.
  • The winning number will be published every week on our social networks.
  • The prize will be sent to the wallet of the winning user within 24h/48h of the end of the draw.
  • The purchase of tickets will be closed 6h before each draw.

The amount of the prize will depend on the number of tickets sold in each draw.
The proceeds from all tickets will be distributed as follows:

8% of the proceeds will go to the platform for the organisation and marketing costs of the draw.
5% of the proceeds will go towards improvements in the development of the platform.
2% of the proceeds will go to the jackpot for the monthly draw.

85% of the proceeds will be distributed among the winners of the draw in the following way:

65% For the winning number
10% For the number before the winner

10% For the number after the winning number

If there is no winner, the money collected will go to the jackpot of the next draw.

  • Enter the Cresio marketplace in the sweepstakes section.
  • Choose the number you like the most and buy it (The initial price of the ticket is 20XCRE).
  • The price of the ticket is subject to change due to market adjustments.
  • Once the purchase is done you will receive a confirmation email and in your wallet a NFT with the ticket you have bought, this NFT has a very important part as it will be a collectible piece that together with other pieces will give you access to the special Cresio Christmas draw of 500$ in prizes.


The NFT for each weekly draw will be a different collectible.
30 different collectibles will be needed to participate in Cresio’s special Christmas raffle with a prize of 500$.

Are you missing a piece? No problem! The collectibles will be exchangeable between all users in the Cresio marketplace.